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 Clan lvl 4 Quest

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Proof of Clan Alliance

This quest is to raise your pledge level from level 3 to level 4. It is only available to clan leaders of level 3 pledges, but the pledge leader will need help from the pledge members to complete this quest.

1. Talk to Sir Kristof Rodemai of Giran Castle Town. He is located near the Fighter Guild to the Northeast of the Gatekeeper.

2. Go to the East of Ivory up a little hill to the graveyard where Witch Kalis is. She will ask the leader to bring members willing to sacrifice for their pledge.

3. Have three pledge members sacrifice themselves to the Statue of Offering. They will die and receive an item that they must trade to their pledge leader. If the pledge leader is nice, they will arrange for a good rez for these loyal members who gave their lives for their pledge.

4. Once the pledge leader has all three items, have him speak to Kalis again. The pledge leader will be rooted and poisoned, both uncurable. So make sure you have a healer for the pledge leader.

5. The three members must complete the following tasks (in party or solo, it doesn't matter as long as they get last hit on the monsters) in about an hour, otherwise the poison will greatly speed up and the pledge leader will die:

- Kill Harit Lizardman Shaman in Anghell Waterfalls until you get a Herb of Harit.
- Kill Oel Mahum WitchDoctors near Bandit's Strongholduntil you get a Herb of Mahum.
- Kill Vanor Silenos Shaman to the northwest of Aden Castle Town until you get a Herb of Vanor.

Go to Hardin's Academy and run Northeast until you find a witch (I forget her name). She will spawn 9 boxes. You must break all the boxes within a certain amount of time to get bingo. If you do not, you must try again (costs 10k) until you do succeed and the witch gives you the Blood of Eva. Bring 2-3 people to ensure success on the first try.

6. Once the pledge members have obtained these items (it is best if they split up to complete these tasks), they must bring these items back to the rooted, poisoned, and hopefully still alive pledge leader. Mix the ingredients together and cure your poison. Then go back to Rodemai in Giran and you will obtain the Proof of Alliance. Use this item to upgrade your pledge to level 4 at any GrandMaster, Head Blacksmith or WarehouseChief.
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Clan lvl 4 Quest
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