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 Clan lvl 5 Quest

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Proof of Aspiration

- Clan must be level 4
- Only clan leader may start the quest
- Clan members may participate in the quest

1. Talk to Sir Gustaf Athebaldt of Oren. He asks you to aid him in preparing for the attack against the green dragon Antharas.

2. Talk to Martien of Giran. Martien asks you to collect eggs: Thunder Wyrm eggs, Drake eggs, Blitz Wyrm eggs and Mist Drake eggs. Hunt Thunder Wyrm and Drake for the first 2 sets of eggs, around the middle of the Dragon Valley.

3. Find Corpse of Firtz in the Dragon Valley; it is under the "D" in "Dragon" on the ingame map. Talk to the corpse and Wyrms will appear; kill them. Get 3 Blitz Wyrm eggs and 2 Blitz (talk to the corpse again if needed.)

4. Find Corpse of Lutz. Should be laying above the "V " in Dragon Valley on the map, look around the area. Get 3 Blitz Wyrm eggs and 4 Mist Drake eggs. This also spawns 2 Blitz Wyrms. (same as above)

5. Find Corpse of Kurtz, it is north of the entrance of Antharas' Lair. Get 6 Mist eggs and a Brooch for his brother. (same as above)

6. Talk to Head Blacksmith Kusto of Giran. He gives you a Black Anvil Coin for the Brooch.

7. Return to Martien, and then go back to Sir Gustaf Athebaldt again.

8. Talk to Balthazar of Hunters Village.

9. Go to the Giant's Cave. Hunt Lesser Giant Soldier and Lesser Giant Scout for 10 Power Stones and 10 Nebulite Crystals.

10. Return to Balthazar, then go back to Sir Gustaf Athebaldt again.

11. Talk to Sir Eric Rodemai of Aden.

12. Sir Eric Rodemai sends you to Witch Cleo, across the bridge east of Aden.

13. Return to Sir Eric Rodemai.

14. Go to the Cemetery and kill Grave Guard until Grave Key Keepers appears. Get 6 keys.

15. Now go just slightly north of "The" in "The Cemetery" to find the Imperial GraveKeeper. After he drops below half of his HP, he will start teleporting your members away. He also summons 4 Imperial Slaves at a time. Keep returning to kill him, this may take a few times running back to him. (If you are not a high lvl, or a class that can't do a lot of damage, bring clan members to help.)

16. After you defeat him, an Imperial Coffer appears. Your clan leader must have all 6 keys to open it. It contains the Scepter to Judgment.

17. Return to Sir Eric Rodemai, then to Sir Gustaf Athebaldt; give him the Scepter to Judgment. In return you get 250k SP and the Proof of Aspiration.

18. Now you can go upgrade your clan in Giran Church (or any master).
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Clan lvl 5 Quest
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